Panchayat group calls for anti-coalition vote

KL Report


While leaving open the option for its members to vote in favour of PDP candidates in the upcoming LC elections, the Jammu and Kashmir Panchayati Raj Movement (JKPRM) has asked panchs and sarpanchs to vote against the NC-Congress coalition candidates in the upcoming   elections.

“We’ve unanimously decided to caste our votes against the candidates of NC and congress to show the coalition government power of the voters. Coalition partners have deceived us again and again and it is our turn to teach them a lesson”, said Convener JKPRM Shahnawaz sultan while addressing press.

He said that the group had left open the option of voting for the candidates of opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) or any other party.

“Coalition partners in government have fielded candidates which have been rejected by the people in last elections and they have not got more than 1500 votes. The coalition government is adept at changing colors. In the morning Chief Minister says one thing and in the evening he contradicts his earlier statement”, he added.

He said that defeating the candidates of the NC and Congress candidates was their motive. “If the government fails to fulfill its promises, such a campaign will be launched against the NC and Congress during 2014 state legislative elections as well. Congress created drama on the Panchayat empowerment issue while NC is reluctant to empower us”, he said.

He said that issuing the notification for BDC elections was also a part of that drama.He said that government had insulted the panchayat members and rendered them vulnerable. “We are having sleepless nights due to the government’s indifference.”

He said that PDP’s proposed bill in the autumn session of the legislative session gave PRI’s a hope of empowerment. “The bill was a great hope for us   but unfortunately the bill was not introduced”, he said.


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