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While expressing gratitude, Hurriyat Conference (G) appreciated the people for observing ‘complete shut down’ as a mark of protest against life imprisonment of Muslim League chief Dr Qasim Faqtoo.

Terming it as political vendetta, spokesman of Hurriyat (G) has termed today’s Shutdown a referendum by people in favour of the incarcerated leader Dr Qasim Faktoo.

“People have expressed their solidarity with Dr Qasim Faktoo and reaffirmed their faith in the freedom movement. It is a people’s verdict that Dr Qasim be released forthwith”, the statement said.

The spokesman urged Chief Minister Omar Abdullah to honor people’s verdict and said, “the voice of people carry weight and is powerful and superior in the logic that nobody howsoever powerful he may be, can’t ignore the peoples verdict”.
Spokesman claimed that shutdowns and protests infuse new spirit into movements and the protest by common man carry a message. “It is a source of inspiration and encourages the personals fighting for just and noble cause.  Today’s protest is supported by people and is a message that nation can’t ignore sacrifices. They can exhibit their persistence when there is such need.

The spokesman in statement also paid tributes to Dr Qasim, Gh Qadir Bhat, and Mohammad Shafi sharyatee including other 19 detainees convicted and sentenced for life.



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