Pandits take out procession on Janmashtami in Lal Chowk


Devotees on Monday thronged temples to pay their obeisance to Lord Krishna on the occasion of Janmashtami. Children dressed in colorful attires as Krishna and Radha and a special shoba yatras were also held to mark the occasion in Jammu and Kashmir.

Girls dressed as Lord Krishna during Janmashtami in Lal Chowk on September )3, 09 2018. KL photo by Bilal Bahadur

A Janmashtami procession organized by Pandits passed through the historic Lal Chowk. Amidst chants praising Lord Krishna, the Pandits took out the procession from Ganpatyar temple of Lord Ganesha and passed through Jahangir Chowk, Lal Chowk, and Maulana Azad Road on Monday morning.

Devotees sang prayers in the praise of Lord Krishna. Special Langars (Community Kitchens) were also organized by the Pandits in different temples.

A Janmashtami procession organized by Pandits while passing through a historic Lal Chowk in Srinagar on Se0pt 03, 2018. KL photo by Bilal Bahadur

A Pandit participant in the march at Lal Chowk said the procession is an open invitation to their migrant brethren to return to their homeland. He said Kashmir is not a religious but a political issue. (CNS)


  1. The people of Kashmir don’t want Return Of kashmiri Hindus to their native places, there are so many reasons behind the fact,, most Of the Moulvs have made a total brain wash of the people, it will take much time when they would think positively,


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