Panel Suggests Three Sessions Of J&K Legislature In A Year

KL Report


A state government panel has recommended that three sessions of Jammu and Kashmir legislature should be held in a financial year as against the current two sessions to ensure greater accountability.

“In order to ensure accountability at all levels and to bring more transparency in the system, there should be three sessions of the legislature in every financial year,” a report of the ethics committee of state Assembly said.

At present, two sessions are held in the Assembly — winter session called ‘budget session’, which is held in the months of February to April in Jammu, and ‘autumn session’ held in October in Srinagar.

The panel chaired by MLA Abdul Haq Khan said, “To fulfill the constitutional obligations, it is imperative on the part of the government to ensure proper and equitable distribution and allocation of funds for the overall development of all the constituencies of the state”.

The executive should ensure full participation and involvement of the members for fixing priorities in the development process, the report said.

Earlier also, MLAs from different parties had demanded that three sessions of the House be held in a financial year to address public issues fully.


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