Pantha Chowk Traffic Mess: Make Way for Ambulances, Cops Appeal



Traffic chaos at Pantha Chowk. (Photos: Special Arrangements)
Traffic chaos at Pantha Chowk. (KL file Image)

Amidst the agonizing traffic chaos that has gripped the city in wake of multiple diversions, cops have made an appeal to the public for giving way to ambulances considering the stakes involved.

“Every driver must give a free passage to ambulance and fire services vehicles. An ambulance is to be used for emergency transportation of the persons who are sick, wounded or otherwise incapacitated,” said Mohammad Ayub Rather, Station House Officer, Pantha Chowk.

He said that commuters are morally bound to give way for the ambulances in emergency cases. “The faster an ambulance reaches the hospital, the chances of survival a patient increase manifold.”

“In past we have seen instances where patients died because the ambulances that were carrying them could not reach the hospital on time,” he said.

He added that the important things people need to understand is to create sensitivity among the society and to go for this needed social change according importance to human life is important.

“When we don’t give passage to the ambulance, it is forced to speed away in a zigzag manner which is also a reason why traffic jams intensify. Only thing which can help this problem is to be sensitive enough to not ignore the siren and act considerately,” he said.

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