Panthers Party protests against BJP-PDP “unholy alliance” in J&K 

KL Report


National Panthers Party (NPP) workers Monday protest in front of BJP headquarters in New Delhi against the party’s “unholy alliance” with People Democratic Party by surrendering the entire interest and legitimate rights of the people of Jammu particularly the Dogras and the Paharies.

“The BJP has been exploiting the people of this country and blackmailing the people of Jammu Pradesh in the name of Article 370, delimitation, refugee problems for the past half a century,” the NPP spokesman said. “The BJP has promised in its manifesto to abrogate Article 370 from the pages of the Indian Constitution. It also promised delimitation of the Assembly Constituencies in J&K as Delimitation has not been held for the past three decades only because it did not suit the Kashmir-based political parties including the PDP.”

The PDP, the spokesman said, had signed CMP with the Panthers Party in 2002 promising to hold delimitation of the Assembly constituencies but when it came to power they threw the CMP into the dustbin with the backing of the Congress Party. “It also promised for the comprehensive settlement of about 15 lacs POK refugees residing in Jammu and grant of civil rights to about 85,000 Pakistani refugees from Pakistan in 1947 who were settled by the administration headed by Sheikh Mohd. Abdullah in 1947. The BJP has betrayed the people of Jammu Pradesh by surrendering the interest of Jammu Pradesh and selling the people’s verdict to PDP for the sake of power.”

 “We assure that we shall continue to support the people of Jammu Pradesh at all levels and circumstances. We feel that Shyama Prasad Mukherjee, the founder of Jan Sangh, sacrificed his life to protect integrity, unity and sovereignty of India by sacrificing his life to remove Article 370 from the pages of the Indian Constitution,” the spokesman said. “Shri Modi on the other hand has sacrificed Article 370 for the sake of power in J&K by signing this unholy alliance. Hence this protest.”


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