Parents Accuse School Staff of ‘Forcing’ Students to Attend Jan 26 Function



A group of parents Thursday alleged that Physical Teachers of some Government Girls Higher Secondary Schools in Srinagar city have been forcing their daughters to participate in India’s January 26 parade.

They said that it “doesn’t suit to a conscious person to allow his daughter for performing dance and singing in front of the unknown persons”. “It is also against our collective conscious,” the parents said.

“I was shocked to learn from my daughter who had gone to a Higher Secondary School (name withheld) seeking admission for class 11th that Physical Teacher there forced her to arrive at Bakhshi Stadium for January 26 rehearsals. How can a teacher force a student when she is not ready to participate in such parades,” father of a girl student told CNS.

They alleged that last year as well the Principal of a Girls Higher Secondary School had warned students that they will be shown ‘failed’ in their practical subjects if they refuse to participate in August 15 function at Bakhshi Stadium. “We have decided to hit to streets and expose these elements in public in case they continue to force our girls to participate in India’s Republic and Independence Day celebrations,” the parents said.


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