PDP-BJP govt has declared war on Muslims of J&K: MDM


Muslim Deeni Mahaz (MDM) on Friday said that a war has been declared by the PDP-BJP government on the Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir.

In a statement, a spokesperson of the amalgam said that PDP-BJP government wants to kill some pro-freedom people by bullets and others by leaving them to rot in jails. “But this won’t kill the free spirit of the people,” he said.

“The tyranny of the present government has proved beyond doubt the point of view of Dr. Muhammad Qasim that there is no difference at all in pro-India political parties and harbouring the notion of a difference between them is political ignorance and disastrous for the freedom movement,” the statement said.

MDM wants to clarify to the Indian government that through these tactics they can murder us but they can’t kill our yearning for freedom.

Terming the extension of three months in the PSA of Asiya Andrabi and Fehmeda Sofi as a political vendetta, the spokesperson said, “the Government is aware of the various ailments Asiya Andrabi is suffering from and she needs frequent oxygen support, despite this, she was sent to Jammu jail instead of Baramulla Jail. In Jammu jail due to substandard food and no medical facilities, her condition has worsened,” he said.


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