PDP, BJP, NC, Congress all same: Geelani

KL Report


While terming all pro-Indian parties PDP, BJP, NC and Congress as one and the same, Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani Friday said that the change of governments will not change anything in the state till the “occupation of India over Kashmir is there, the prevailing political uncertainty and instability in the state will continue.”

In a statement to KNS he said, “Kashmir is not the issue of good or bad governance but it is the issue of the future of a nation which can’t be solved without consulting them. Mufti Mohammad Sayed is an Indian by conviction and he endorses the Indian forced occupation on Kashmir so his government can’t change the status of the Kashmir dispute. He can’t have any role in the resolution of the Kashmir dispute because his stand will be explained and represented by his masters in New Delhi there and they can do it in a better way.”

“Whether it is Mufti or any other pro-accord politician of Jammu & Kashmir, they are all puppets dancing in the hands of New Delhi and they are free to construct roads and bridges here but they are no one to take the big decisions regarding the state. Mufti Sayed and all other pro-Indian politicians fully know this fact but they sometimes talk about the resolving of Kashmir issue merely to deceive the common man. The pro-freedom leader of Kashmir said that the BJP want to implement the RSS agenda in Jammu & Kashmir. They have kick started a dangerous plan of changing the demography and the Muslim identity of this state and the PDP government can’t stop this. These people (PDP) are power hungry and they have no concern with the other things,” he alleged.

Geelani said that Mufti will not take more risk with regard to the release of political prisoners and the return of power projects after observing the mood of the authorities in New Delhi. He appealed the people to remain united against the communal forces and follow the program of the leadership if any in the future in this regard. “Till a single solider of India is present on the soil of Jammu & Kashmir, our freedom struggle will continue in any way and at any cost and no Mufti Sayed or Omer Abdullah can stop this process,” the Hurriyat (G) chairman said.


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