PDP Calls For Protest On Jan 5

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While targeting the ruling National Conference president Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) Mehbooba Mufti said  NC has landed the state in serious crisis of governance by engaged in dirty tricks to keep Srinagar as a political hostage to stay in contention for power.

“Srinagar was the worst sufferer of NC misrule and emotional exploitation in the past but it continued to play games with the people of the city and was using all unfair means to prevent a political contest to retain its false monopoly. She said thousands of youth had been framed in false cases and in spite of chief minister’s repeated announcements the cases had not been withdrawn,” Mehbooba said.

While addressing a party meeting on Wednesday, Mehbooba said, “Some of these youth are being forced to carry out the dirty tricks of NC to ensure that the youth in general continue to feel alienated and a viable opposition does not emerge and the party continues to pose as the only representative even as it survives primarily on the election boycott.”

In a statement party has informed about their protest program, scheduled to be on January 5.  The party is holding demonstrations at all district headquarters of Kashmir to protest the crisis created by shortage of electricity, gas and rations apart from price rise and victimization of youth on false charges.

As per statement, Mehbooba said the decades old rule of NC had rendered Srinagar without a democratic voice and whereas rest of the state had achieved the democratic option of choosing their representatives, the boycott politics was promoted by the ruling party to benefit from. She said development process in the city too was guided either by narrow political considerations or the objective of providing contracts to favorite contractors and suppliers with major chunk of funds going into the pockets of politicians.

“Even the installation of small amenities like street lights had been politicized. On the one hand the party sold out water and power resources to stay in power and on the other hand it is doling out lights as if these are given from the huge personal assets of NC rulers”, reads the statement.

Mehbooba said power crisis in the state had again reached the level where from the previous coalition had lifted it as a result of reform following years of deterioration under various NC regimes. The inability of the government to streamline gas supply had thrown people back into dark ages and in subzero temperatures people had to remain in queue for days to gather to get a cylinder of LPG, she said. “Such a state of affairs is not witnessed even in places like Somalia and Afghanistan” she said. The gas crisis, she said is another anticlimax of Omar Abdullah’s election promise to provide additional subsidy on cooking gas. Contrary to that, not even unsubsidized gas was available in Kashmir, she added. And while referring to the huge unemployment problem she said the jobs in government had once again been put on sale.

Mehbooba said the PDP in its capacity as the main voice of people would continue to focus on problems of the citizens who had become victims of worst governance under the present regime.




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