‘PDP Chose Green Colour, Pen-Inkpot Under a Well-Thought Out Plan’



While terming the statement of PDP president Mehbooba Mufti as “totally against the ground realities” in which she had said that “the people in India have freedom of expression and they can voice their opinions here”, Hurriyat Conference (g) said that at a time when the whole world is showing its concerns over the growing intolerance in India and when the people peacefully expressing their views are booked under sedition charges here, the PDP chief “by siding with its alliance partner have made her position awkward and mockery”.

“By issuing such a statement, the PDP chief actually wanted to justify her new alliance partnership with the communal and fascist forces and is preparing ground for grabbing the throne,” a statement issued by Hurriyat Conference (g) to KNS said.

“Mehbooba Sahiba can admire India and can heap up praise for this country in front of the whole world but the Kashmiri nation knows everything, they share extremely bitter experience with regarding to India and they are the first victims of the imperialistic and fascist mentality of this country.

The minorities and the lower caste Dalits too can explain the depth and the height of the freedom of expression and the democratic claims of India but the way in which this country is using its military might to suppress the wishes and aspirations of the Kashmiris is although fully known to Mehbooba Mufti but her problem is that she cannot effort to upset her masters in New Delhi by expressing the truth,” the statement said.

“The focal point of all her politics is limited to the chair of power and this goal is impossible to achieve without the blessing of New Delhi,” the statement alleged.

Hurriyat Conference (g) added, “Mehbooba Ji had chosen a wrong time for praising the government system of India and by doing so, she has make joke out of herself. The growing intolerance graph in India had not only perplexed the justice loving people, scholars, writers and students of this country but its severity is now felt in the whole world and the people from everywhere in the world are showing their concerns about that.

The JNU issue had made the situation more critical and every such person is booked under sedition charges and is considered to be lynched in public who mistakenly try to express his inner.”

“The situation in Pakistan which the Mehbooba Sahiba has referred and criticized while addressing her party workers had never gone to such an extent even during the martial law period which the India is witnessing today,” the statement said, “nobody should be in wrong impression about the Mehbooba Mufti Sahiba and her party PDP, this party is the creation of the secret agencies of India with a purpose to sabotage the just and genuine struggle of the Kashmiri people. This party had definitely chosen the green colour and pen-inkpot but this too was selected under a well-thought out plan and its only purpose was to introduce a ‘wolf in sheep’s fur’.”

Hurriyat Conference (g) also expressed its deep concern over the situation which arose after the India-Pakistan cricket match in Jammu and said, “the communal forces in this region of Jammu & Kashmir have been given a free hand and the Muslim populations of this division are feeling highly insecure in these situations.”


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