PDP condemns arrest of Er Rasheed, demands his immediate release


Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Monday condemned the arrest of former independent MLA Engineer Rasheed, stating that it is ironic that the Governor administration is now not allowing any peaceful protest even by a two-time legislator.

In a statement issued here, PDP General Secretary and former minister Abdul Haq Khan said that every person in the state is outraged and anguished over the bloodshed in Kashmir and it is condemnable that the Governor administration is cracking whip even on the peaceful protests.

Demanding immediate release of Engineer Rasheed, Khan said that detaining a person who has been a legislator twice in a row in the state is only reflecting the highhandedness with which the Governor administration is dealing the present situation.

Khan said that the death, violence, and pillage have become rampant everywhere in Kashmir and the administration that cannot function without recourse to such means only deserves condemnation.

He added that the government has completely failed in safeguarding innocent lives in Kashmir and it is high time that the administration must shun its macho approach while dealing with the law and order issues.

“Militating against the unarmed civilians in Kashmir is turning the state into a theatre of war and is only pushing it into a deeper mess. If the government continues with its iron fist approach, the already worrisome situation can turn more dreadful and disastrous in future,” Khan said.


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