PDP Emerged As Credible Voice Of People Of J&K: Mufti

KL Report


Reiterating resolve of his party to give voice to the masses of Jammu and Kashmir, patron of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Mufti Mohammad Sayeed asserted that his party has successfully challenged hegemony of National Conference and emerged as credible voice of the people. He said that it was result of the conviction and commitment of the party leadership that PDP, in short span of time, has credibility of the people of all the three regions of the state.

As per a statement the PDP patron, while addressing a function at Kacchi Chowni area of Jammu city to welcome Dr Neeraj Vohra, who along with his supporters joined PDP, said, “There was a need of strong regional party to provide an alternative to the National Conference which has failed to fulfill wishes and aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir”, he said and asserted that PDP has filled that political vacuum with the overwhelming support of the people.

“Our aim is not to attain the power by deceiving the people”, he said and reiterated that one and only agenda of PDP is to establish lasting peace and to restore dignity and honour of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. “I remained as Home Minister of the country as well as Chief Minister of the state so power is not my priority”, he said and added that his dream was to solve vexed Kashmir problem to establish peace and tranquility in this region and to strengthen regional and sub-regional integration. He sought support of the people to further pursue the pro-peace agenda of the PDP.

Reiterating his resolve to remove regional disparities, PDP patron said his government had set an example of equitable and balanced development in Jammu and Kashmir. “Credit goes to the PDP-Congress regime that first time after 1947, all regions were treated equally in developmental and other activities”, he maintained and added that it was after 2002 successfully efforts were made to empower all regions to remove the sense of inequality and discrimination. “Jammu and Ladakh regions were made involved in the decision making process” he said.

“During our regime Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh had sanctioned a whooping amount of Rs 24000 crore for the development of the state. Furthermore Asian Development Bank (ADB) and other institutions had also released huge developmental funds for the state”, he said and added that it was during PDP led regime that ADB funded water supply scheme for Jammu city was started.


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