BJP Loves It For Colombo And Not Srinagar

KL Report

Intervening in Lok Sabha on Thursday NDA’s finance minister Yashwant Sinha offered a way out on Tamil crisis in Sri Lanka. While his presecription is almost the same as many people are seeking for J&K, BJP has never been ready to concede that.

Sinha’s offered a seven point recipe to end Tamil crisis. Kashmir’s two unionist parties NC and PDP have been demanding the same for ending the crisis in J&K. Here is the BJPs 7-point formula for Tamil crisis that could simply be copied and implemented in Kashmir.

1. Withdrawal of Army from Northern Sri Lanka and handing over law and order duties to local police

2. Implementation of lessons learnt and reconciliation committee.

3. Implementation of not only 13th Amendment, but additional provisions to ensure full devolution of powers to Northern Sri Lanka. It is as good as self-rule or autonomy in case of Kashmir, or Delhi Agreement of 1950, which BJP opposes tooth and nail.

4. Institution of an independent and impartial enquiry comprising people from outside Sri Lanka to probe human rights abuses

5. Clear commitment that guilty shall be punished

6. India should not merely vote at the UN Human Rights Council, but take a lead in drafting resolution against Sri Lanka.

7. Let India convey other nations in neighbourhood not to interfere in affairs of Sri Lanka and Indo-Sri Lanka relations.


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