PDP Ghost Haunting CM: Spokesman

KL Report


Condemning the armed attack on a paramilitary vehicle in the outskirts of summer capital which resulted in the death of a trooper, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Thursday said it signified a down turn in the security scenario under the present government even as the chief minister is engaging himself in frivolous debates.

“The combination of increasing frequency of strikes by the unknown gunmen on defenceless civilians, attacks on police and paramilitary forces and inhuman official repression looks like a throwback to the dreaded pre 2002 era of darkness,” a statement of a party spokesman said.

He said the reversal in the situation is being witnessed at a time when the people of the state had hoped to benefit from their investment in peace and democracy made through overwhelming participation in various electoral exercises.

“The Omar Abdullah government instead of building upon the people’s initiative is now reduced to counting the number and source of condemnations of the tragedies it failed to prevent,” The spokesman alleged, adding “The chief minister is exhausting his rhetorical skills only watching the response to the mounting number of unaccounted deaths for which he should have felt responsible as head of a government that exists only in name”.

The party spokesman alleged that having failed the people in upholding the status, dignity and rights of the state within the union, Omar Abdullah is now trying to find fault for his disastrous performance in others, mainly the PDP. He said, “the chief minister is now venting out his frustration on the empty opposition benches of the assembly after it was forced to boycott rest of the session in view of the inability of the leader of the house to uphold its dignity and make union government listen to its sentiment.”

“It is clear the ghost of PDP continues to haunt the chief minister even as he failed to identify a single area of achievement in his four years of failed performance or indicate a single measure that he his government was contemplating for the remainder of his tenure. He made parliamentary history in the most negative sense by even failing to reply to the debate on the motion of thanks on governor’s address,” the spokesman added.

The spokesman said after the clear admission by the chief minister on the floor of the house that he was unable to do anything even in matters involving innocent killings it is obvious that nothing can be expected of this government. He said the Inability to enforce accountability and bring killers to justice has been the main features of Omar government but its open admission by the chief minister is fraught with immense dangers, the worst being the possibility of a return to arms by youth in desperation.

“If this helplessness was expressed deliberately by the government it would only be an extension of the time honoured tactics of NC to push the people out of the democratic system to be able to stay in power as an agency for beating Kashmiris into submission,” the PDP spokesman said.


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