As Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing a “historic” rally in Srinagar on November 7, Peoples Democratic Party is expecting that a message of “communal harmony will go from here to rest of India” which has seen “trouble on communal lines” in recent past.

“Let the venue of SK Cricket Stadium from where (former PM Atal Bihari) Vajpayee has made a historical beginning viz-a-viz Kashmir be the place from Prime Minister Modi gives a message of communal harmony to those who have created trouble in rest of the country,” senior PDP politician Nayeem Akhtar told KNS. “For that we have to create such an atmosphere in Kashmir, so that PM reaches out.”

Akhtar said that the seeds of peace which is seen in Kashmir or between Indian and Pakistan were “sown in 2003”, but said no headway was made in past 10 years in this regard.  “Now we hope that PM Modi, who has a vast support of people of country, can make a new beginning of peace of prosperity in the region,” he said.

Akhtar added, “Srinagar can once again become a special place for any Prime Minister after Vajpayee to repeat history by announcing a dialogue on Kashmir with both internal and external stakeholders.”

“We have to become inclusive by taking everybody on board and have to address Pakistan,” he said.


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