PDP involved in stone pelting: Government

KL Report


Government on Tuesday alleged PDP of being involved in the stone pelting to “weaken” the government.

As soon as the house assembled, the PDP members rose to their feet and demanded suspension of the question hour and a ruling from the speaker on their motion.

PDP had moved an adjournment motion in the house for a discussion on the youth booked in different cases since 2010 and their general amnesty.

After 45 minutes of pandemonium and slogan shouting, the Speaker first allowed then rejected and finally allowed the motion for discussion.

During the uproar, opposition PDP and the ruling party members attacked each other. Minister of rural development, and Nc senior leader, Ali Mohammad Sagar alleged PDP of being involved in the stone pelting itself.

“Your party workers are involved in the stone pelting and cases are registered against them, Sagar shouted at PDP members. He added and said that PDP’s only agenda has been weakening the state government.


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