PDP Is Creating Mess: Tanvir Sadiq

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Tanvir Sadiq
Tanvir Sadiq

Omar Abdullah’s Political Secretary Tanvir Sadiq on Wednesday alleged that PDP is “frustrated” after seeing the “path-breaking” initiatives taken by the Omar Abdullah-led government and its remarkable achievements on both political and development fronts.

“PDP has only used people as fodder to meet their political narrow ends,” Tanvir Sadiq said, while interacting with various youth delegation. “It has misfired and people have understood and exhorted faith in the Omar Abdullah led government.”

He went on to say that PDP has all along “hoodwinked” the people by “hallow and emotive slogans”.  “PDP is creating a mess partly because of their rusty mindset and partly because they don’t understand people’s problems,” said Tanvir.

Recalling the 2008 election, Omar’s Political Secretary said: “Mehbooba Ji and Muzaffar Beigh are willing to sacrifice everything to keep Omar Sahib out of power; it will do anything to topple NC led government irrespective of consequences for the state,” Tanvir said, adding, “it will remain an unfulfilled dream of theirs.”

He said that it is “deeply maddening” for PDP that the state under Omar Abdullah has had its best 4 years in terms of development, peace and tourism.

Reacting to the recent statement of PDP leader and former deputy chief minister Muzzaffar Hussain Beigh, Tanvir said: “Beigh is known for his double speak. It sounds so ridiculous that he talks about Ganderbal and on the other hand totally ignores his own constituency of Baramulla only to play politics,” he says.

Tanvir said that if media reports and people’s anger towards them are indications then their entire leadership is mulling to change their respective constituencies for the fear of losing badly.


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