PDP Seeks Amnesty to Youth, Moves Adjournment Motion in LA

KL Report


The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Monday moved an adjournment motion in the legislative assembly (LA) to seek a debate over the situation arisen due to the insecurity among the youth over the alleged government’s failure to grant amnesty from FIRs and cases registered against them.

The party legislators, Abdul Rehman Veeri, Nizamudin Bhat, Rafi Ahmad Mir, Mohammad Khalil Bhand, Zahoor Ahmad Mir, Syed Basharat Bukhari, Peerzada Mansoor Hussain, Abdul Haq Khan, Mushtaq Ahmad Shah, Ch. Zulfikar Ali and Dr Shafi Ahmad Wani moved the adjournment motion in the assembly secretariat.

According to a statement the Party legislators sought adjournment of the normal business on Tuesday, 26th August for discussion on the issue.

The adjournment motion reads, “A grave situation has arisen due to the insecurity among youth because of government failure to grant amnesty from FIRs/Cases registered against them. Since this failure has vitiated the atmosphere and has a potential of sudden outburst upsurge, this august House needs to take cognizance of the gravity and urgency of the issue. We, therefore, seek adjournment of the normal business for 26-08-2014 (Tuesday) under Rule 56 of the Rules and conduct of Business for discussion on the issue.”


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