PDP Should make Public its ‘Alleged Demands’: NC



National Conference on Wednesday asked PDP President Mehbooba Mufti to make public her “alleged charter of demands” from the Union Government so that the people could actually compare her alleged demands with the eventual concessions, or lack of concessions that she is able to extract.

Lashing out at PDP for being responsible for the present political stalemate in the State, NC Secretary General Ali Mohammad Sagar said, “Mehbooba Mufti’s ten month conspicuous silence on issues like AFSPA revocation spoke louder than any antics that are being enacted now to salvage the last remnants of PDP’s image in the State.”

“Mehbooba should tell the people what she is demanding from the Central Government since these demands are being made in their name and at a cost of their right to have an elected government. BJP has officially stated that they have not received any demands from the PDP, a declaration that has exposed PDP’s drama. If at all there are any political demands, the people need to know so that they can then measure these demands in comparison to what Mehbooba succeeds in achieving,” Sagar said in a party statement this evening.

“Until Mehbooba Mufti declares the charter of her demands, PDP’s current posturing amounted to precious little and was nothing beyond a theatrical performance aimed at rebuilding a severely dented image,” he said.

Condemning the ongoing political stalemate in the State, the NC General Secretary said there were only two options to uphold the principles of the Constitution –either PDP and BJP form the Government without any further delay or fresh elections be announced in the State. “There can be no middle path and status-quo in perpetuity with limitless extensions and new deadlines not only violates basic principles of the constitution but also comes at a grave risk of discrediting democratic institutions in the State,” Ali Mohammad Sagar said.

“National Conference is prepared for fresh elections – which seems like an inevitable possibility. The rank and file of our party are organized, prepared and upbeat about the prospects of our party to be part of a democratic exercise that would give the people of the State a chance to take the State out from this darkness and morass of political instability and confusion,” the NC General Secretary added while reiterating it was up to PDP and BJP to offer the State an elected Government and that there was no hurdle in their way from fulfilling this responsibility.


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