PDP should step down if it can’t stop ‘pleasing’ Nagpur: KEA

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Taking “serious” note of the abolishment of junior residency at SKIMS Soura, the Kashmir Economic Alliance chairperson Muhammad Yasin Khan has accused the ruling People’s Democratic Party of “compromising” on every development in Kashmir only to “please” Nagpur.

A state of KEA issued here reads, “The SKIMS Soura has abolished the junior residency by virtue of which more doctors were to be hired by the hospital. When the aspiring medicos completed all the formalities, a day ahead of the interviews the plan was turned down.”

Khan questioned the move and said, “What we are given to understand is while Chief Minister had approved the plan, some minister from the ally BJP has said a categorical no. PDP succumbed to the pressure,” Khan said.

He said if PDP doesn’t have teeth to speak for interests of Kashmir even on small issues like much needed appointment of doctors, the party must give up government and start serving their masters in Nagpur.

The KEA said the persistent silence of the PDP towards Kashmir related issues is an issue of concern for the civil society of Kashmir. “From poor power to bad roads to ailing health sector, every sector catering to basic amenities is in shambles.”


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