PDP Terms NC-Congress Rift As ‘Thieves’ Spilling Beans After Falling Apart

KL Report


Coming down heavily upon the Congress-National Conference (NC) government over ‘ruining’ the careers of thousands of daily wagers, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Tuesday said that the rift between the ministers of the two parties is like the proverbial thieves fallen apart and spilling beans against each other.

In a statement to KNS, PDP chief spokesman Naeem Akhtar alleged after enjoying the loot of state resources for six years the ministers of this government are now fighting over their last minute failure to accommodate people close to them. “There are reports that under the NC-Congress government recruiting agents have fixed a rate list for regularizing the services of thousands of the youth in the government,” he said.

Akhtar said that the rift, allegations and counter allegations between the Congress-NC government vindicate that both the parties are interested only in absorbing their own people in the government services while undermining the deserving ones. “They have left no stone unturned in subverting the system, inflict injustice and create anarchy during the last six years and even now after the devastation caused by floods, no internal protest within the government was witnessed for the proper relief, assessment or accountability on ground,” Akhtar said, adding that even in the present crisis the NC- Congress ministers fight only for the absorption of their workers in government services rather than reaching out to flood victims.

The PDP spokesman stated that the government has ‘ruined’ the careers of thousands of daily wagers in the state and that the party stands with the exploited youth and expresses its deepest sympathy to the deserving daily wagers. He added that the agenda of both the coalition partners were personal and their entire focus was on accommodating their own people instead of following a policy for the proper regularization of the daily wage workers in J&K.

Akhtar maintained that the government instead of trying to establish rule of law in the state ‘the institutions were destroyed during the last six years and the conscience of its ministers is pricked only over sharing the spoils and not over the interests of people.’

“The situation has reached such a pass that poor candidates are being made to sell whatever they have to get even a class four job,” he said the PDP would streamline the system as it had done during its previous tenure to ensure transparency in recruitment and justice to the exploited sections of employees like the daily rated workers.



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