PDP Wants to Force People into Submission by Ration Deprivation: Omar



NC in Beerwah

Former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir and National Conference Working President Omar Abdullah on Saturday said PDP wanted to “force people of the State into submission by depriving them” of bare minimum ration under the garb of implementing the National Food Security Act (NFSA) in the State.

During a tour of various areas of Beerwah Constituency which Omar Abdullah represents in state legislature, he said the ration crisis had been perpetuated by PDP to arm-twist people into compliance after widespread anti-incumbency and discontent due to the PDP-BJP Government’s total failure.

“People in every village and town are suffering due to an intentional persecution that has been unleashed to quell extensive political opposition to PDP’s U-turns and sell-outs. It was no secret that the National Food Security Act (NFSA) was going to deprive lakhs of our people of ration and reduce the allocations for lakhs of others. As the Chief Minister, I had opposed the implementation of the NFSA in J&K during the tenure of the previous NC-led Government despite frequent demands by our then alliance partner the Congress party. How could Mufti Sahab not know that the implementation of the Act in J&K would lead to such injustice with lakhs of souls? Everyone knew it. The fact that this Act was still implemented in the State proves that this is an intentional move to persecute the people. This is PDP’s way of asking the people to fall in line. Sadly, they are mistaken as the people of our State cannot be intimidated and extorted into political submission,” Omar Abdullah said while talking to party workers, activists and general public in Beerwah.

The National Conference Working President and MLA Beerwah said the PDP-BJP Government had pushed the State into the abyss of unprecedented mis-governance and corruption, a situation that could have far reaching implications on peace and stability in the region. “Mis-governance of this extent and with such pervasiveness comes with a risk of discrediting institutions of democracy and governance– which would be a terrible cost to pay for a State which has emerged from an extensive period of turmoil and strife. The dividends of peace and development that were achieved through sustained political efforts are not being built on. The drastic interruption in the State’s development is unprecedented and has underlying political motives – which is extremely tragic,” the National Conference Working President added.

Omar in Gundipora
Omar Abdullah donated an ambulance to Primary Health Center (PHC) Gundipora after inaugurating a free medical camp on Saturday.

Omar Abdullah inaugurated a free Medical Camp at Gundipora, Beerwah and also donated an ambulance to Primary Health Center (PHC) Gundipora. Expressing serious concern at the complete collapse of the Health Department and at the abject condition of health centers and government hospitals in the State, Omar Abdullah said health centers and government hospitals were running out of medical supplies and essential medicines as the Government was rather focused on humiliating and hounding doctors and senior administrators into forced resignations.


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