PDP was Never Worried about ‘Agenda of Alliance’ in Government: BJP



Reacting to the recent statement of PDP’s senior member and former education minister Naeem Akhtar over the implementation of the ‘Agenda of Alliance’, the BJP on Saturday said the PDP “never raised any such apprehension” while being in government for more than 10 months.

BJP state President Sat Sharma told KNS over phone that the state was “witnessing development on all fronts” and that the statement of Naeem Akhtar could be “his personal opinion” which not necessarily reflect the stand of the PDP. “There were two contradictory statements which Akhtar issued in the past three days. We take it as his personal opinion and not the stand of the PDP. We are yet to meet and unless officially both the parties sit together and finalize the future strategy it would be futile to draw conclusions out of the mere statements of some person,” Sharma said.

He maintained further that the present situation in the state of Jammu and Kashmir is being witnessed due to the demise of the former chief minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed on January 7. “Everything was going on smoothly. CM’s demise was a big loss to the state as it didn’t witness that much of development in the past 10 years, as much it witnessed during the past 10 months. To say that the agenda of alliance wasn’t implemented is wrong. How come the state was given 80 thousand Crores then. The Agenda of Alliance was meant for the six years, how could someone restrict its domain and time frame,” BJP chief said.

He maintained further that both the parties are yet to meet and the party didn’t interfere much as it was the tough time for the PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti as she lost her father in the recent past. “It wouldn’t be correct to push for the urgent government formation. The state was in mourning as it lost a statesman. How could BJP pitch for immediate government formation when PDP had lost its patron,” Sharma said.


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