PDP welcomes Dr Farooq’s statement, BJP condemns


Peoples Democratic Party on Friday welcomed the statement of Dr Farooq Abdullah about mediation of a third country and talks with Pakistan for the resolution of Kashmir issue.

“If India is ready to talk to China and does not want to get into war, then they can talk to Pakistan also,” he said.

“Happy if he (Farooq Abdullah) is asking for talks with Pakistan. If you want to resolve Kashmir issue there is no other way,” Peoples Democratic Party’s Sartaj Madni was quoted by a news gathering agency as having said.

However, his party’s coalition partner has condemned Dr Abdullah’s statement.

Dy CM Dr Nirmal Singh termed Dr Farooq a ‘man with two faces’.

Dr Nirmal Singh

He condemned the statement and said: “I want to tell him when he was chief minister, he talked of attacking Pakistan. Why is he resorting to such double standards,” Dr Singh said.

Dr Abdullah earlier asserted that government of India should approach third parties, such as the US and China, to mediate in the Kashmir issue.


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