PDP’s Doors Open For Well-Intentioned Political Personalities Including From NC: Baig

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Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Saturday said that the party’s doors are open for well-meaning political personalities including those from National Conference (NC).

“Having emerged as genuine and credible regional alternative, PDP is fast attracting well-meaning people from across the political landscape and as a part of its policy to offer a broad-based and inclusive platform, we are ready to accommodate well-intentioned people from NC,” senior PDP leader and former Deputy Chief Minister Muzaffar Hussain Baig said while addressing a workers convention at Baramulla today.

As per a statement Baig has said that PDP cadres shall have to gear-up to play very significant role after 2014 Assembly polls as the party would be a key constituent of the next government in the state. “Given the impressive performance of the PDP-Congress coalition government both on political and developmental fronts between 2002-2008, people cherish to see that government back in the driving seat,” he has said and added that the state’s people are fed up with the era of death, destruction, darkness, repression, lawlessness, anarchy, corruption, nepotism, mis-governance, scandals, conceit, atrocities and histrionics brought in by the present regime.

“Wherever we go we see a massive yearning for change as the sufferings of the people have multiplied manifold during the past four years because of the complete collapse of the institution of governance,” Baig has said and added that in an act of criminal negligence, the present dispensation has wasted and pilfered hundreds of crores of central funding, due to its incompetence. “Whether in PMRP, MGNREGA, PMGSY, NRHM, ICDS, IAY, RGVY, ARPDP or several other schemes hundreds of crorers of rupees remain unutilized because of the incompetence of the functionaries of present dispensation,” he has said.

Challenging Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, the former Deputy Chief Minister has said that he would call on and personally compliment Omar, if he shows a single project of significance pioneered, executed and accomplished by his government during the five years of its tenure till date.  “On the other hand the landmarks established by PDP-Congress coalition government in the shape of mobile telephony, Mughal Road, cross-LoC movement of people and goods, new universities, fly-overs, degree colleges, bridges, road projects, institutional reforms, structural interventions and financial management are visible and being recognised by the people,” Baig has said.

He has urged the youth to become partners of change through democratic means to have a people-friendly government in the state after 2014 assembly elections.


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