PDP’s Inner Crisis Delays Government Formation, says NC’s Rana




Jammu Provincial President of National Conference Devender Singh Rana on Tuesday described dissent within PDP as a “biggest stumbling block” in government formation in Jammu and Kashmir, saying high moral grandstanding on the so-called Agenda of Alliance is just a “facade and misleading tactic” to divert the attention of people from real malady.

“PDP will have to explain nearly one and a half months’ melodrama leading to political stalemate in the state”, Rana said while addressing party functionaries at SK Bhavan this morning.

He wondered over the stance taken by PDP leadership on the Agenda of Alliance, saying they are perhaps testing public memory by detracting from the ‘sacrosanct’ document they authored with BJP President Amit Shah. “Does this suggest that everything was alright with PDP-BJP alliance during its ten month rule, which PDP dumps as a useless and unpopular arrangement to cover up inner party crisis,” he observed.

Rana said the people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh have been “taken for a ride” by the North Pole-South Pole alliance, first by playing tug of war and then entering into wedlock with singular motivation to remain glued to power.

He said the PDP owes an explanation as to where the Agenda of Alliance has “harmed the interests of the state and if so, will it hold the former Chief Minister responsible for failing the people”. “For us, the PDP-BJP alliance has from day-one worked against the interest of the people, the youth, the poor, the flood sufferers, the West Pakistan refugees and above all the unity of the three regions of the state”, he added.

The Provincial President said the mis-governance of PDP-BJP government stands exposed with the Governor’s Administration taking “significant decisions” of far-reaching importance for common man, which remained in the backburner during past ten months. “If with a single stroke of pen, the Governor could take crucial decisions and make the wheels of administration moving as per aspirations of the people, how come the hugely mandated PDP-BJP failed in discharging its designated role,” he asked.

Rana said the PDP-BJP duo is a case study for students of politics with so-called divergent forces maintaining intriguing convergence to rehabilitate themselves power corridors. “There is a lesson as well that a political party, conceived and thrust upon the people of Jammu and Kashmir by a particular political outfit in New Delhi cannot last long because of its disconnect with ground in the state,” he said.


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