PDP’s model of governance is best suited for J&K: Mufti

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Patron of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Mufti Mohammad Sayeed Wednesday said that PDP’s model of governance is best suited for the state of Jammu and Kashmir. He reminded that PDP, during its tenure of just three years, had proved how to provide corruption free governance to the people by bringing total transparency and accountability in the functioning of the government.

Addressing public meetings at Kotranka in Darhal assembly segment and Chasana in Gulabgarh segment, Mufti said that policies and programmes of PDP were formulated by incorporating wishes and aspirations of all sections of the society. “Those who are talking, these days, about model of governance should keep in mind that PDP, during its short span of just three years, had set an example of good governance wherein every individual were provided with the equal opportunity of growth and development”, he said, adding, “during its tenure PDP had carved out a path of peace and equitable development and model of governance implemented by the party is best in all aspects”

Recalling the pre-2002 situation, Mufti reminded that gathering that there was total chaos, anarchy, and rampant corruption and the atmosphere of uncertainty and insecurity had gripped the State when PDP led coalition government was formed. “Through its conviction and vision, PDP led government had created sense of security among residents of Jammu and Kashmir”, Mufti recalled and mentioned that PDP led regime had simultaneously pursued the agenda of development, peace and reconciliation in the State and restored dignity and honour of the people. “We, through our convictions, had changed mindset of the  BJP leadership and convinced the then NDA government  at the Centre to take concrete steps to restore peace in J&K and to normalize relations with Pakistan”, he said. Mufti, however, regretted that present regime headed by National Conference has derailed the process of peace and development in the State. “It is very unfortunate that the present regime has failed to carry forward the agenda of peace initiated by the previous PDP led regime”, he said Mufti further pointed out that that PDP led coalition regime had laid a foundation of mutual trust and confidence among inhabitants of different regions and sub-regions of the State.

PDP patron further observed that present regime has also failed to carry forward the agenda of development initiated by the previous PDP led regime. He said that on the one hand  corruption has been crossed all limits in the state while on the other hand system has completely been collapsed in the State.

Reiterating his resolve to pursue the agenda of  peace and development, he said, “in the state of Jammu and Kashmir PDP’s model of governance is best suited to address aspirations of all regions and sub-regions”. PDP patron, while assuring to formulate a comprehensive policy for the development of backward areas, said that this region has huge potential of horticulture. “There is a need to give special focus to this region to exploit horticulture potential”, he said and assured that PDP would utilize services of experts to develop this region as hub of horticultural activities especially in growing walnuts and related products.


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