PDP’s Nizam-Ud-Din Bhat Claims To Unveil Secret Of His Loss In Near Future

KL Report


I am trying to find who betrayed me and where which proved detrimental in my defeat during the 2014 state elections, the former PDP legislator from Bandipora Nizam-ud-din Bhat said.

Bhat who lost his seat to Congress’s Usman Majeed, told KNS that something somewhere has went wrong in his constituency due to which he suffered ann unexpected defeat during the recent state elections.

Bhat maintained that he would like to know and would strive to find the hidden facts that prayed vital role during his defeat from north Kashmir’s Bandipora assembly segment.

Bhat said that he is finding at present who has betrayed him and where. Without naming any person or place of his constituency, Bhat said in a very near future, the truth would come to fore.

Meanwhile, he also hailed and thanked the people of his constituency for supporting him during the polls.
Bhat said he would continue to serve the people as a social activist for society’s well being.


  1. it is the true colour of Kashmiri people that they choose goons over gentlemen. But Mr. Nizamuddin , u also didn’t performed well. You were MLA last year, it didn’t made any difference to people of Bandipora. That is y u lost. I went to Bandipora last year. Believe me the condition of roads, work atmosphere in offices, water and electricity supply is chaotic. U did nothing memorable as leaders do. Nothing what a progressive society can appreciate.


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