NC-PDP Alliance Carries No Weight: Geelani

KL Report


Huriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani on Thursday termed reports of NC-PDP alliance ‘a non- issue’, saying all pro-India parties dance on the tunes of New Delhi.

As the Bharat Ratna was conferred to former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Geelani said Vajpayee did nothing to resolve Kashmir issue. “He claimed to resolve Kashmir under the ambit of humanity. Did he? Aren’t we humans. We have rendered sacrifices for our birth right and continue to tread the resistance path. Vajpayee did nothing to address Kashmir. He had no Kashmir plan and those who eulogize his contributions vis-à-vis Kashmir actually mislead the people,” Geelani told KNS.

The senior Huriyat leader said it is not the state government which runs Jammu and Kashmir but it is an army which is the law maker here. “There are eight lakh troops, one lakh police forces, 28000 VDCs with arms. How the civilian government could claims to rule the state.”

While reacting over the reports wherein NC and PDP are being asked to join hands to keep BJP at bay in Jammu and Kashmir, the Huriyat hawk said such developments carry no weight in the state. “We have to understand that we are under the occupation and we all must unite to fight against the oppression and for the dissent. Whether it is PDP- BJP, NC-BJP or NC-PDP, it means no difference to us. They all follow the New Delhi dictations. How could these parties represent our aspirations?”

Substantiating his claims, Geelani said that already 28 lakh kannals of land are under the army and the state government didn’t even utter a word over the issue. “Did the forest minister talk a bit out the issue? No, he cannot because it is army which rules the state and not the civil administration.”

Over BJP’s triumph of 25 seats in Jammu during the 2014 state elections , Geelani said saffron party used Hindu card in the state as it did during the parliament elections across India. “BJP used religion during elections and in Jammu it was benefitted but it couldn’t open its accounts in Kashmir valley. Also it is unfortunate the Muslim candidates including some women contested on BJP ticket in valley.”

The 85 year old Huriyat Chairman claimed that the pro-freedom camp here is united and not fragmented. “As far as the occupation is concerned, we are united. All called for boycott and all asked people to stay away from polls. We all say Kashmir is a dispute. Our stand is one and so is our approach,” Geelani said while talking to KNS.


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