PDP’s “Year of Youth” has started with Killing of Youth: NC

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National Conference (NC) on Saturday while strongly condemning the killing of a 15-year-old youth Suhail Ahmed in Narbal by the paramilitary forces, has lashed out at PDP Patron and Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed for being culpable and responsible for both the Tral and the Narbal killings.

NC Spokesman while expressing heartfelt condolences with the bereaved family said that it was tragic that PDP’s much touted “Year of the Youth” had started with the killing of youth in Kashmir.

“Today the same PDP that has always shamelessly politicized every tragedy to befall Kashmir is not only silent but complicit in the loss of two young lives. The unfortunate reality is that today this State is governed by a Chief Minister who says one thing to his right-wing allies in New Delhi and has a different shameless pretense in Kashmir. His u-turns, theatrical antics and blatant lies have put this State and the future of its youth in peril. Recently it became evident that Mufti Sayed takes telephonic orders from Rajnath Singh pertaining to the State’s law and order policies. Now it has become quite clear that Mufti Sayed’s grandstanding and animated speeches aside, he has become the weakest Chief Minister in the history of the State and that this weakness is extremely perilous for the people of Kashmir”, NC Spokesman said.

The NC Spokesman while condemning the killing in Narbal said that Mufti Sayed’s deafening silence on the killing of a youth in Tral and his complete surrender to New Delhi had emboldened trigger-happy elements in the paramilitary forces and given them a shot in the arm. “Mufti Sayeed had in a very animated fashion said that as the Chairman of the Unified Command he would not allow any Human Rights violations. How then was an innocent shot dead in Tral just because he was related to a militant? And how then has a teenager been shot dead in Narbal in a clear violation of the SOPs that need to be followed in these situations. The J&K Police has said that the SOPs were not followed. As the Chairman of the Unified Command, this makes Mufti Sayeed not only culpable but also squarely responsible – especially given his official assurance that the HR violations would not occur under his present rule”, the NC Spokesman further stated.

“PDP had announced with great melodrama that under their rule with the BJP, 2015 would be the ‘Year of the Youth’ in J&K. The sad reality today is that PDP’s ‘Year of the Youth’ has started with the killing of the youth – first in Tral and now in Narbal. I wish PDP’s Ministers could clarify today if instigating the youth only to mow them down was a part of their unimaginative, excuse of a ‘Common Minimum Program’ with the BJP? Or perhaps the subsidiary party that PDP has reduced itself into – it is not allowed the luxury of issuing clarifications by its Holding Party that is the BJP”, NC Spokesman added.

Questioning PDP President Mehbooba Mufti’s sudden disappearance from the State and her apologetic, customary condemnations on the Tral and Narbal killings, NC Spokesman said the fact that Mehbooba had misplaced her protest placards was a matter of public concern now. “Where are the placards and where are the protest marches? Or will PDP take out a protest march to protest a killing only when it is trying to get the political dividends of such drama? What face does Mehbooba Mufti show to the people of Kashmir today and with what face will she explain to these families why she is not out protesting in her customary style of melodrama now? Do these two youth not deserve her protest marches? One would hope that Mehbooba Ji answers these pertinent questions but one also understands that she is very busy pleading in New Delhi to be included in the Modi cabinet – far too busy to give a damn about the youth of Kashmir”, NC Spokesman said.


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