Mufti is following the footprints of Omar: PDP supporters

KL Report


At a time when Valley witnesses protests over the killings of youth, the Peoples Democratic Party supporters are up in the arms and are disappointed over the functioning of the government. People had a lot of expectations from Mufti Muhammad Sayeed and even the family members of those youth and political prisoners were hoping that once in power Mufti will pave the way for their release, but all according to PDP workers, voters and supporters proved hoax.

“Mufti is following the footprints of Omar Abdullah. Omar was at beck at call of then Home Minister Chidambaram and Mufti is now giving too much importance to present Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh and following his dictation,” said a PDP voter Nazir Ahmed from Sonawari to CNS.

Another PDP voter Javid Ahmed from Batamaloo said that he is aghast the way Mufti is following the commands from New Delhi. “For the first time I voted for PDP with a hope that NC will cease to exist as that party let loose a reign of terror from 2008 to 2014. I still remember Mufti blaming Omar Abdullah for eroding and bringing a bad name to the position of Chief Ministership in Jammu and Kashmir. Now what has happened to Mufti Muhammad Sayeed and why he is allowing New Delhi to interfere in every single matter related to State,” he said.

An ardent supporter of PDP who holds a key position in the party said that Geelani’s rally was blown out of proportion by Indian media. “It is not new in Kashmir and we see frequently people here unfurl green flags. It was not an issue for Mufti or PDP at all. Mufti in fact ignored it when he was informed that Pakistani flags were hoisted during Geelani’s rally. Unfortunately, Indian media acted as policy makers and pressurized Home Minister to take action against the Masrat Aalam. We are disappointed the way our Chief Minister has handled the situation so far. We had expected a lot from him and if he continues to follow orders from New Delhi then it will prove disastrous for the party in the coming years,” he said.


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