PDP’s Youth Wing gets Two Young Lawmakers ‘to Reach out to Youth’




In a bid to reach out to the grass roots level, People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Youth Wing President, Waheed Ur Rehman Para Wednesday visited various areas in South Kashmir’s Pulwama district.

He urged locals to be part of the development processes and making of prevailing local committees more active and functional, a statement issued by ruling PDP’s youth wind said this evening.

Waheed Ur Rehman Para
Waheed Ur Rehman Para

Referring to the youth, Para insisted them to help in building the democratic structures and advised them “not to get provoked into such actions which only lead to a vicious cycle of destruction”.

“The state has already lost a generation of youth to the conflict and can’t afford another generation to fall prey to this vicious circle of violence as such tragic incidents only undermine the government’s efforts to restore peace in the State which has underwent a gory era of death and destruction for the past more than two decades,” Para told the locals.

Notably, Chief Minister Ms Mehbooba Mufti Wednesday announced a new team of her party functionaries. Ms Mufti is president of PDP besides being the chief executive of J&K.

Aijaz Mir
Aijaz Mir

The move is being seen in the light elections to Islamabad legislative seat which fell vacant due to the demise of former CM and PDP patron, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed. The election to the seat is due in mid-May, 2016.

Besides, South Kashmir Lok Sabha seat falls vacant when CM Mehbooba Mufti formally joins the state legislature. Presently, she represents South Kashmir in Lok Sabha, however, after she completes six months in office as CM of J&K, she will have to be a member of any house of state legislature.

Yawar Mir
Yawar Mir

“To get our grass roots workers activated, there has been reshuffle as a new vice president and three party secretary generals have been made early today,” sources said.

The statement said that local residents of various areas of the district highlighted various adversities faced by them and the PDP Youth President assured them of full support and cooperation. “the Youth were advised of self-employment rather than being unemployed and were insisted to have their own ventures in order to generate employment chance for others too,” the statement quoted Para as having told the people.

In the youth wing, the party has asked its youth face, Waheed Ur Rehman Para to continue as its head while two new faces have been given two important positions in the wing.

Aijaz Mir and Yawar Mir, who represent Wachi and Rafiabad constituencies in state legislature, have been nominated as General Secretaries of the youth wing. “This signifies that the ruling PDP is shifting focus on youth of Kashmir,” observers said, “given the challenges state government has, taking youth favouring steps will help in understanding issues of youth. And if the party is giving role of youth initiatives to its young lawmakers, it is certainly going to prove fruitful for them.”


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