PDP’s Youth Wing Launches Awareness Programs in Beerwah Constituency



PDP Youth 1

Peoples Democratic Party Youth President Waheed Ur Rehman Para Monday said that concerted efforts are being made to “fillip the youth” of the state.

He was addressing gatherings separately at Khag and Beerwah today. “Comprehensive plan has been formulated for the youth of the state,” he said.

During his speech, Para informed the people present in the public meetings about government schemes and “made them understand the opportunities available with government and youth related policies”.

He emphasized people upon to take benefits of recently launched “Laadli Beti and Aasra” schemes.

In a statement issued this late evening, Para emphasized on Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed’s initiatives of building roads, education transformation, sports activities, health care and many other initiatives taken by the government.

“Government is working on lines to provide better facilities including health, roads and sports that will boost the overall development of the state,” he said.

Terming the youth as assets of the state, he said that the youth of the state have performed at international levels and “we have hope that they will bloom from the state too”.

PDP Youth

Lambasting at previous government led by NC working president Omar Abdullah, Para, who was accompanied by PDP youth activists including Jehangir, Aarif Laigaroo and said, “mis-governance and corruption was endemic during Omar’s tenure as Chief Minister of the state.”

“We are filling the gap that NC led government created during its tenure by ignoring the youth, creating anti youth policies and neglected them from participating in political decisions,” he said.


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