Kashmir is BJP’s ‘Focal Point’ under Sat Sharma



The recently appointed state BJP president, Sat Sharma, on Monday asserted that to “make aware people” in Valley about BJP’s developmental agenda for the state would be party’s top most priority in the coming times.

Talking to KNS, Sharma said, “BJP sought votes from the general masses during the previously held state elections in the name of development. Ensuring that all the three regions witness an equitable growth and not even a single segment of the state is undermined must be BJP’s top agenda.”

The ruling BJP’s state chief  maintained further that the forthcoming ULB polls would be contested by the party with zeal and zest and that the votes would this time too would be sought so that continuity in the ongoing developmental works is witnessed all across. “The people of the state haven’t in the past witnessed such a pace of development. Less than a year has passed since the new coalition assumed office and the vital sectors of the state have seen new boom of development. See how roads have been macadamized and quality health care being provided to people. There is a seizure of corrupt practices observed with people heaving a sigh of relief from the anarchic measures of the past,” Sharma said.

While claiming that the party is “strengthening its base” in Kashmir valley, the BJP president said that earlier there used to be the “scarcity of the candidates” who would contest polls on the party ticket. “Now we are finding at least 20 to 30 candidates asking us to contest them from each constituency in Kashmir. With such a result in sight, the party can now scrutinize each candidate to field the best one,” he said.

The BJP chief added that party will aware masses in the state and particularly in Kashmir valley about “the programs and pro-people initiatives being taken by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi”. “Earlier, people in Ladakh used to ask me about the election symbol of the party. Now everyone is aware about the BJP and its pro-people stand. That time is gone when we used to win meagre seats. Now, our ground is getting strengthened every day after,” Sharma said.


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