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CH Zulfikar Ali

Pledging to make Darhal constituency a Model Constituency of J&K in 5 years, Member Legislative Assembly Darhal Chowdhary Zulfkar Ali, representing PDP, sought 5 year plan of Panchayat-wise for creating tangible assets besides called for making the Constituency Deflection Free before 2018.

Chairing meeting of Panchayat and Rural Development Officers of Rajouri district, Chowdhary Zulfkar Ali Tuesday reviewed works under these departments in Darhal Assembly segment. He focused on the 14th Finance Commission grants for Panchayats, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and new Model villages, a statement issued by Zulfikar said this afternoon.

Impressing officers to prepare Project Report of new Model villages, Chowdhary Zulfkar Ali said that he has planned to make at least one village as new Model villages in the next financial year in each Rural Development Block of his constituency and officers must submit DPR before April 15 so that funds could be arranged for the same. He also pressed upon expediting work on the on-going works in Model villages of his constituency.

Expressing his desire to make his constituency a Model one in the state in 5 years, Chowdhary Zulfkar sought detailed report of utilization of 14th Finance Commission grants.

He instructed officers to prepare year wise priorities of work in each Panchayat and try to create only tangible assets. He said that the department can initiate with focus on social works like cremation grounds and graveyards in first year which can be followed by focus on Bridges, Horticulture, water conservation and maintenance of assets in the coming years.  “I want to see durable assets in each Panchayat in March 2021,” he said adding that focus should be diverted from small works to big works in each Panchayat as sufficient funding is being provided in 14th FC for Rural development.

The officers apprised MLA that 30 Panchayats of Block Kotranka have received 50 % of funds for the year under 14th  Finance Commission which  included Rs 6.44 lakh for Draj, Rs 6.82 lakh for Gakhrote A, Rs 4.54 lakh for Gakhrote B, Rs 4.55 lakh for Hubbi, Rs 3.32 lakh for Jaglanoo, Rs 3 Lakh for Jamola Lower, Rs 2.61 lakh for Jamola Upper, Rs 4.70 lakh for Kandi Lower, Rs 3.70 lakh for Kandi Upper, Rs 2.77 lakh for Kanthol Marota, Rs 2.29 lakh for Kha A, Rs 2.71 for Kha B, Rs 2.97 for Kharyoon, Rs 3.92 lakh for Kurhad, Rs 2.26 lakh for Kotranka, Rs 6.11 lakh for Harkota, Rs 2.51 lakh for Mohra A,  Rs 2.41 for Mohra B,  Rs 1.73 lakh for Panihad,  Rs 2.26 lakh for Panjnara, Rs 5.17 lakh for Prori, Rs 6.74 lakh for Rehan, Rs 2.12 lakh for Sakri, Rs 1.30 lakh for Sokar, Rs 1.11 lakh for Swari Kote, Rs 4.29 Lakh for  T Gujjarn, Rs 3.24 lakh for Tarkassi,  Rs 2.99 lakh for Chambitrar and Rs 6.81 lakh for Dhar Panchayats.

Officers apprised that 10 Panchayats of Rajnagar Block have also received 50 percent funding under 14th FC which included Rs 1.52 lakh for Shahpur, 3.45 lakh for Kewal Upper, 4.78 for Rajnagar Lower, Rs 3.77 lakh for Targain Upper, Rs 4.49 lakh for Targain Lower, Rs 3 lakh for Draman, Rs 4.37 lakh for Kewal Lower, Rs 5.54 lakh for Dandote, Phalni and Rs 5.17 lakh for Raj Nagar Upper.  In Khawas Block, Rs 2.30 lakh for Gadyog, Rs 4.45 for Sadda Kanthol, Rs 2.40 lakh for Panglar, Rs 1.77 lakh for Khawas, Rs 4.19 for Gundi, Rs 3.33 lakh for Bianumble, Rs 6.80 lakh for Badal, 1.89 lakh for Udhan, Rs 4.55 lakh for Bella, Rs 6.43 lakh for Gadyok, Rs 4.54 for Kotecharwal, Rs 4.72 for Keri, Rs 6 Lakh for Gunda and Rs for Nakka panchayats were also released    under 14th FC.

In Block Darhal, 50 % grants under 14th FC were released for 23 panchayats which included Rs 3.75 for Bari Darhal A, Rs 3.95 lakh for Bari Darhal B, Rs 3.29 for Chowkian B, Rs 4.50 for Chowkian C, Rs 5.37 for Thanamang C, Rs 3.66 for Upper Doodaj B,  Rs 3.11 for Upper Doodaj A, Rs 3.81 for Chowkian A, Rs 3.55 lakh for Thanamang A, Rs 3.86 for Thanamang B, Rs 3.12 for Leeran, Rs 2.32 lakh for Malhut, Rs 2.60 lakh for Kothra, Rs Rs 2.11 for Nadian A, Rs 2 lakh for Nadian B, Rs 2.15 for Ujhan A, Rs 3.40 lakh for Ujhan B, Rs 2.10 for Ujhan C, Rs 2.80 for Ujhan D, Rs 3.25 for Doodaj B, Rs 2 .10 fpor Lower Dodaj A and 2.10 for Sagrawat.

Officers also apprised that funds have also been received in the Panchayats of Darhal Constituency falling under Rajouri Block which included Rs 2.46 lakh for Charaan, Rs 1.70 lakh for Palma, Rs 3.80 lakh for Nagrota, Rs 3.32 for Nagrota Mehra, Rs 1.73 lakh for Sankari and Rs 9 lakh for Kotdhara Panchayats.

On the occasion, Zulfkar reviewed work of construction of toilets under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and instructed officers to make Darhal Constituency fully Open Deflection Free till March 2018. He instructed to prepare plan for the same and execute the mission in speedy manner.

Meanwhile, Zulfkar has also accessed loss due to heavy rainfall in his constituency and demanded compensation to the people who suffered loss of property due to landslides and soil erosion. He also demanded Governor to provide compensation of loss suffered during 2014 floods to the people of Rajouri Poonch.

Appealing restoration of road connectivity in Darhal Budhal constituency, Zulfkar said that various roads have got blocked and people are facing hardships in his area. He also expressed concern over loss to power sector and demanded installation of all damaged transformers on priority so that electricity is restored in his area.

The officers who were present on the occasion included District Panchayat Officer Mukhtar Ahmed, Block Development Officer Thanamandi, Block Development Officer Rajouri Javaid Iqbal, Block Development Officer Kotranka, Rajnagar and Khawas Shafiq Mir and Block Development Officer Darhal Sagheer Choudhary who briefed MLA about the funds received for development in Panchayat in 14th FC.


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