Pellets, bullets and tortures won’t stop us to take movement to its logical conclusion, affirms Geelani


Octogenarian Hurriyat patriarch Syed Ali Geelani on Monday said that history stands witness that in contrast to every freedom movement, “occupational and tyrant forces” have suffered a defeat.

Refferring to the prevailing “gloomy situation” and commenting over unabated “brutalities” inflicted by government the ailing leader said that authorities in Delhi through its military might seem desperate to cow down our spirits, however all the follies played by them will culminate at their defeat.

“Representing the sentiments and aspirations of people, it has remained our stance and we have been saying that we will never succumb to any pressure and will take movement to its logical end,” he said in a statement.

Geelani while referring to “coercive measures and atrocities perpetrated by Indian forces during last seventy years”, said that despite unabated killings, plunder, arson, showering bullets and pellets on public gatherings, maiming and blinding innocent children, brute torture of youth, braid chopping and sexual assault on women, they failed to break the resolve and commitment of people with freedom movement.

Lashing at authorities in New Delhi for their deception, Geelani said that they are following their particular sectarian dogma and propagating fabricated stories and framing fake allegations against pro-freedom leadership.

Appealing people Geelani called for unity, dedication and sincerity and asked to stand against communal regime in Delhi, their stooges, local pro- Indian political parties and make their follies a failure.

Hurriyat Chairman expressed deep concern over the biased approach of Indian judiciary against Kashmiri prisoners and said that although an Impartial judiciary is considered as a main pillar of democracy, however while dealing with Kashmiri prisoners their partial approach has put question mark on its credibility.

“In hundreds of cases the judiciary while setting aside their cases and bailing them out, police contrary to the release orders re-arrest them even in court premises against fake charges as administration don’t honour these court rulings,” he said.



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