People of entire state must unite for protecting Articles 35-A, 370: Er Rasheed



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Urging New Delhi to stop experimenting in Jammu and Kashmir and to take concrete steps for resolution of Kashmir issue, AIP President Er Rasheed has urged the government to respond the rumors being spread not only by various quarters but also by government officials one way or the other over the deployment of additional forces and intentions of the union government.

Addressing an overcrowded press conference in Srinagar today Er Rasheed said that it is shocking while everyone is asking for resolution of Kashmir issue, Delhi is deploying additional forces to Kashmir and trying to create fear psychosis among masses.

Er Rasheed said “All those trying to terrorize Kashmiris must not forget that Kashmiris have seen worst during past 30 years and if the rumors about sending additional troops to fizzle Article 35-A or 370 are true, Delhi must understand that it is digging the grave of its own interests in J&K. Both these provisions are not any concession to people of J&K but are part of various commitments and constitutional guarantees given to Kashmiris by Delhi.”

“It too needs to be kept in mind that J&K is not the only state enjoying special status but the unfortunate thing is rather finding a permanent resolution to the seventy-year long issue Delhi is playing with the fire and is doing all that what those whom it calls radicals and hardliners want it to do. Even discussing Article 35-A and 370 by BJP and others simply means recognizing the theory of hardliners and those who don’t see a resolution within Indian constitution,” said Er Rasheed.

He said that Delhi by initiating and encouraging such futile debates is proving not only its own claims of finding a resolution within India’s constitution wrong but is chocking the space of main mainstream political parties who claim a resolution within constitutional provisions.

Er Rasheed further added that Kashmiris are not against delimitation of assembly seats but what is the urgency there is a constitutional impediment in doing that.

He said, “It is obvious that BJP wants to use delimitation card to change the basic norms of creating assembly constituencies.”

“Let it be clear that WP refugees are our guests and they must go back to their native places with honor and dignity and that is the basic duty of the government. Any effort to give WP refugees citizenship rights will always be unacceptable,” said Er Rasheed.

“Let Narendra Modi, Amit Shah and Rajnath Singh answer what they have to offer to Kashmiris if they every time ask pro-resistance leadership to come forward for dialogue,” he said.

He said, “Claims are being made that additional troops are being run to Kashmir to deal with law and order issues, if that is true then what about the tall claims of peace returning in the valley and decline in militancy. Every time Government will depute more troops, it will be negating its own claims of peace returning back in the state. By its muscular policy and making Kashmir a laboratory for its experiments New Delhi is completely bulldozing the space of mainstream parties, who in case of any eventuality with special status by Delhi will stand naked and exposed in the masses. Though BJP leader Shiv Raj Singh Chowhan has negated the rumors about fizzling with Article 370 or 35-A but still serious and concrete assurances need to be made.”

He also lashed out at Omar Abdullah for asking BJP to wait till the outcome of the case seeking abrogation of 35-A and 370 in Supreme court and said that does it mean that if Supreme Court declares 370 and 35-A null and void, it would be acceptable to Omer Abdullah.

Er Rasheed added that uncertainty and confusion in J&K should not be a matter of enjoyment for New Delhi but certainly something that anti-India elements would be enjoying in the entire sub-continent and around the world.

Er Rasheed appealed people of Jammu and Ladakh to understand that protecting Article 370 and 35-A is not the duty of Kashmiris only but people of Jammu and Ladakh should understand the significance of these Articles. He added that the need is not to see these articles through narrow prism but in the overall scenario of the state.

He said “One wonders when Kashmiris are being accused of working against national interest but no one asks New Delhi that who has been breaking the promises since 1947. All the cheatings and disrespecting instrument of accession have been done by successive Union governments from time to time. It is painful that despite bulldozing various provisions of its own constitution granting special status to J&K, New Delhi accuses Kashmiris of being Pakistani proxies. Delhi must not forget that neither Maharaja nor those who facilitated the instrument of accession took permission from Pakistan to join Indian state.”

Accusing mainstream parties of facilitating New Delhi in implementing its designs Er  Rasheed asked NC, PDP and Congress to apologize for being facilitators in all constitutional assaults.

However, he urged that the situation demands giving up differences and asked all those forces who believe in protecting the rights of people including the special status to come forward and fight all evil designs together. He added that assault on special status has to be a matter of concern for every state subject irrespective of political ideologies, religious affiliations and other considerations.

Er Rasheed reiterated his support to eradicate corruption but said that government is itself creating a perception as if it wants to prove that every Kashmir, whosoever he may be, is corrupt and thus the true purpose of war against corruption loses relevance.

Er Rasheed welcomed the government’s decision to throw Kashmir golf club open to public but said why the same step is not been taken to give access to commoners to Jammu golf club and by only talking about Kashmir Golf club one has a reason to doubt the intentions and designs of the government that it wants to prove Kashmiris mother of all evils.


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