People of PaK biggest beneficiaries of CPEC, says Rasheed


Incumbent Langate lawmaker Er Rasheed on Tuesday said that while New Delhi has strong reservations over construction of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), for the reason that this historic corridor passes through disputed territory of J&K including Gilgit Baltistan, but it needs to be told that people of J&K living on the other side of LOC will be the biggest beneficiaries of CPEC.

“While a bus service from Mirpur (Azad Kashmir) to Barmingam (UK) is now a matter of months, people of Keran and Gurez have been left at the mercy of ruthless weathers for the want of even ordinary roads,” Rasheed said.

He said that all these facts prove that New Delhi just wants land of Kashmir and hardly cares whether people get trapped for months on Srinagar National Highway or lose their lives in Karen, Gurez and other far flung places.

He added that not only New Delhi is looting the resources of J&K through NHPC and other means but in absence of a proper road connectivity Kashmir has become a money making machine for various airlines and this all is the reason that New Delhi wants to see Kashmiris bankrupt, so that it gets easy for it to make economy of J&K totally controlled and dependable on India.

Coming down heavily on GoI for treating J&K like its “colony”, Rasheed said that it is strange, shameful and horrible that India has not been able to construct even a durable Highway from Jammu to Srinagar for last 70 years.

In a statement issued on Tuesday Er Rasheed said, “It takes every Indian Prime Minister little to claim J&K as its integral part but the Srinagar Jammu road which has been given the status of so called ‘National’ Highway, has become a road of death and destruction and New Delhi has completely ignored the sufferings of people of state by not developing this road to the status of international standards and the ground requirements.”

Rasheed added that it is terrible that neither people of J&K are being allowed to use their natural routes, all of which lead to Pakistan nor is New Delhi showing any interest to develop the Srinagar Jammu Highway within a shortest stipulated time.


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