In times of latest medical technology available, an ancient method of curing disease through bloodletting is still considered the best alternative in treating many illnesses. Kashmir Life’s Photo Chief Bilal Bahadur captured the process of traditional  technique of curing diseases where the blood is drawn out by using Leeches

The Leeches are used since ancient times with hope that removing impure blood would heal the body. The people associated with this says that cure lies in the saliva of the Leech.

Besides many bioactive substances, the saliva of Leech has one component hirudin, which acts as an anticoagulation agent. Calin is another component that also inhibits blood coagulation. It according to its practitioners naturally makes the blood thinner and works to inhibit platelet coagulation.

There are approximately 600 species of leeches known worldwide and only 15 species are considered as medicinal leeches

Medicinal leeches remain attached to the patient for approximately one hour [times can vary] before they automatically disengage. Through the entire process, patients feel relaxed. The area is then cleansed and dressed.


The experts say that all cases are individual, but on average, medicinal leech therapy is usually repeated if necessary every 6 to 8 months.

During Leech Therapy, blood is sucked out, thereby reducing inflammation. This leads to a reduction in pressure and lessens post-inflammatory complications.



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