Perform or We Replace You: CM Tells Babus In SKICC; ‘Use WhatsApp 24*7’



CM Mehbooba Mufti's first official meeting in SKICC in Srinagar
CM Ms Mehbooba Mufti’s first official meeting in SKICC in Srinagar. (KL file Image)

Chief Minister Ms Mehbooba Mufti asked top officials in secretariat and the districts that their current pace of delivery is not acceptable. She had a marathon review meeting with them in SKICC with various ministers around.

Ms Mufti told them that nothing much is moving around on ground what no government can accept. “People who are unwilling to deliver should be honest and admit that they lack interest,” Ms Mufti said, “This will help the government to make alternatives.”

Chief Minister reviewed various key programs that have direct interaction with the common people.

She asked the Deputy Commissioners to create a WhatsApp connection that shall remain live 24 x 7. At the same time, she put her weight behind the DCs’ decision to act against officials from various line departments.

The issue was raised by Baramulla DC who said that she acted against a CAPD official and placed him under suspension. But his Director reinstated him. This led to a debate that eventually concluded with this decision that DC can take action against any official in his district and its copy will go to the administrative secretary of the concerned department. No line department will act in such a way to undo the action of the DC.

Education Minister Naeem Akhtar offered his first hand experiences of how officials were functioning. The worst was the incident that some official has not been picking his phone for more than last 24 hours. Now, Chief Secretary is taking action against the official.


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