Mohammad Akbar Lone

AKBARLONE-COUNCIL-1He did it again. Previously when Mohammed Akbar Lone, the incumbent state Higher Education minister cut loose and hurled choicest abuses at PDP legislator, he was literally ‘going gaga’ and enjoying his position as J&K assembly speaker. It was a Déjà vu for him this week, when he hurled expletives on his political opponents in a District Development Board meeting (DDB) in Bandipora.
It all started when MLA Bandipora, Nizam-ud-Din Bhat, raised various issues about the development of his constituency in DDB meeting. He told Lone that National Conference led coalition government is paying little attention towards his constituency. This irked Lone, following which they hurled abuses at each other and almost reached to fist-fighting, which disrupted the meeting.
Hailing from once Ikhwan bastion, Sonawari constituency, Lone told Bhat that he should raise his issues in higher forums and not in a meeting; to which Bhat replied there is nothing wrong in raising such issues in the said meeting.
In between the verbal clash, the PDP MLC Naeem Akhtar chipped in by interrupting Lone for mocking Mufti Sayeed. But he soon came under attack. Lone called Naeem a Mamooli Clerk and reportedly even hurled abuses at his late father.
“Che oosie moul ti clerk, chi ti chukh clerk, ti wumri rozakh clerki (your father was a clerk, you also are clerk and you will remain clerk forever),” Lone was quoted saying to Akhtar.
Later talking to media, Naeem Akhtar termed Lone as Leaki waatul (a habitual abuser) and said: “I want to be on record that Lone is mentally unfit and he needs mental asylum.”
But it was not the first time, when Lone, who is known for his outspoken attitude, used abusive language. Previously, his expletives against PDP MLA Moulvi Iftikhar Hussain Ansari trended on social media and created great public amusement.
He once accused opposition leader Mehbooba Mufti of indulging in cheap politics and as a speaker, Lone had also reportedly attacked the then deputy speaker Sartaj Madni, asking him to resign and become spokesperson of PDP.
Served as the speaker of Jammu & Kashmir state assembly from 2008 to January 15, 2013, Lone is also known for his negative attitude toward the media. On February 27, 2012, he made a controversial statement saying that media is under his control inside the J&K assembly.
This led to the media boycott of the J&K assembly for two days. Boycott was called off after Lone clarified his statement.

                -Bilal Handoo


  1. He represents his contituency..its pathos, ethos, in entirety….he leads them n sets examples before them…imagine hw they wud turn up…..leake waatal….shudnt b surprising if hez abused likewise in his contituency by his own ppl…after all he has tutored them….leake….


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