Those defending their guru by insisting that Gulzar Bhat separated from his wife because he was physically unfit must be shocked by what meticulous police investigations have revealed, reports Shams Irfan.

Gulzar Bhat being produced before the court in Budgam.

Many ‘followers’ of devil darveish Gulzar Bhat hoped he will walk free one day. They had his ‘best-kept secret’ – his impotency. The argument is no more acceptable because the police have proved it otherwise.

Gulzar was booked under section 164 (RPC) for raping a number of minor girls at his Shamsabad seminary. Ever since his arrest, his followers tried hard to link his haste divorce that happened some two decades back to his impotence. “His wife left him because he was impotent,” said one of his district Amirs who wished not to be named.

Even locals believed in this theory. Villagers said after his bride did not return following the first week, it was a conjugal crisis. Elders from two sides met and it was linked to his physical inability. He was given time to treat which, they believe, he did. But after some time – maybe a year or so, he could not manage his problems. It ended in divorce.

But not anymore! Sources privy to the investigation told Kashmir Life that his potency test results are positive. “According to doctor’s report Gulzar is not at all an impotent,” said the source. Police have also seized the mattresses from his “Hujr-a-Khaas” and it does carry enough of samples, sources said.

His “followers” are still standing firm. Within two days of his arrest on May 23, around 70 men and women, who were part of his Shamsabad based seminary, reached press enclave to mark their protest and vouched for his innocence. Police have lodged FIR against 25 people, including women, who were part of the protest. Police said they have already filed a charge sheet against them before the competent court.

“We have a person in our custody who has heavily contributed to Gulzar’s well being,” one official said. “He is shocked by the revelations that the girls have made. It will take him a long time in understanding the fact that Bhat was wearing many masks – one for the people like him and one for the girls whom he exploited.”

So far six girls (all minors) have deposed before police and recorded their statements in connection to sexual exploitation at Shamsabad seminary run by Gulzar and his ‘followers’. The girls, according to officials have offered graphic details of what had befallen upon them in the seminary. The girls invariably are from weaker sections with parents lacking enough of education about the faith they practised. “Bhat had been to the homes of almost all of them and knew their parents and their socio-economic background,” the officer said.

According to sources, there are more girls willing to come forward and share their bitter experience at Gulzar’s all girls institute.

Investigations have revealed new dirty details of Gulzar. He used to leave “love bites” on his victims to help his close associates and madams know that the girl is “purified”, sources said.

During questioning Gulzar stuck to his “purification of soul” line and tried to defend himself by repeatedly saying, “buh chus dil-ik paivand lagaan” which loosely translates: I am just mending hearts.

Meanwhile, police have already vacated the seminary including girl’s hostel, where a number of Gulzar’s ‘followers’ were camping after his arrest.

Talking to Kashmir Life, district Amir Islamabad, Riyaz Ahmad Dar, who took charge in January 2013 said that it’s a well-planned conspiracy to frame pious soul like Gulzar. There is no truth in their (girls) allegations.

When asked how many girls he has helped to reach Shamsabad during his ‘short’ tenure, he said, “I had joined recently. I sent just 50 to 60 girls.”

FAITH HEALING: When police caught hold of rapist darwesh Gulzar ‘Peer’, his followers reacted. Though the number of female followers outnumbered males, police came into action and swept out them when they protested in Srinagar’s press enclave.

After identifying girls from low-income families in far-flung areas in district Islamabad, Riyaz used to send a team of madam’s (teacher at Gulzar’s seminary) to convince the girls’ families.

“My job was not to convince any girl. It was done by madams only. I would just accompany them to Shamsabad,” said Riyaz.

Riyaz, a dedicated ‘follower’ of Gulzar refuses to talk about his mentor’s lavish lifestyle and extravaganzas. “It was his (Gulzar’s) followers who would pay for Ijtima’s (religious congregations). He knew nothing about expenses, nor was he interested in money,” claimed Riyaz.

In order to sustain his seminary and maintain a “respectable” lifestyle, Gulzar introduced Bayt-al-mal (house of money), which he entrusted his faithful followers to fill.

Before Riyaz was elevated to Amir’s status, he headed Larkipora Unit of Bayt-al-mal. “Every follower used to contribute Rs 100 per month towards Bayt-al-mal,” he said.

At the end of every month, Riyaz would travel to Shamsabad with month’s collections and new female students.

It was Mirwaiz Shahnawaz, Riyaz’s predecessor, who actually introduced Gulzar in Islamabad district. “It was because of his efforts that our mentor has such a huge following here,” said Riyaz. The last batch of girls that Riyaz sent was on November 11, 2012, when 15 girls took a train from Islamabad to Ompura station in Budgam and enrolled themselves at Gulzar’s Shamsabad seminary for a two-months ‘crash course’ in “spirituality and morality”.

“We are trying to file charge sheet as soon as possible,” said an official. “The investigation is in its final stage now.”


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