In pictures: Snow art and artists of Kashmir

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The joy was eminent on Friday, January 06 when the snow draped the valley with a white blanket. The live streaks, selfies, wishes and messages flooded the social sites. Back home, the people turned out to be the snow artists and made snow sculptures of various shapes. This is the age old practice in Kashmir to make something out of snow, this year it had more innovations.

To acknowledge the innovations and hardwork of people who made efforts to bring smile around, we at Kashmir Life re-produces pictures uploaded on various social sites to convey a message that we respect every effort made though we don’t know the names of the artists.

Perfect couple

Happy children in their lawn with a beautifully dressed snow woman.

Ready to leave

Taking him along for a ride

A crocodile on the ground

The source where from it was downloaded had mentioned that this is to represent the pellet victims of summer in snowman of winter.

A model snow women

A candle of hope

Stylish lady out for a party

Depicts an old woman out in a snow

Fed by his master, a knife nearby indicates that his time is over

Riding on the lion

Multi coloured family together

An outing on bear

Elephant kid in a deep thought.

As mentioned the name on it, Andleeb Majeed is celebrating the arrival of snow with multi-level cake.

This is an old picture of an Igloo made by  grandson of Zareef Ahmad Zareef. Zareef remembers that “in our childhood, when it snowed, we used to make sheen-maehniv on roadsides and used to play outdoors in snow all day.”



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