Pitiable condition of city infrastructure deflates tall claims of administration: NC


Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Sunday asserted that the paucity of civic amenities in the Srinagar city and the appalling condition of city roads debunks the tall claims of incumbent governor administration on providing basic and effective amenities to the people of Srinagar.

While touring many localities of Khanyar constituency, party general secretary Haji Ali Muhammad Sagar said that the incumbent governor administration had miserably failed to rise up to the development demands of the city of Srinagar. “The government had claimed that RS 8000 crores have been air marked for the development of Srinagar city. We had sent 8 projects from this segment for the government’s approval but so far there has been no headway in that direction. Similarly, my colleagues had also sought approval for various projects in their respective constituencies. However, our repeated pleas fell on deaf ears. We didn’t see the incumbent governor administration invest in the vital projects of Srinagar. The urban life of Srinagar city is beseeching for basic amenities. The city roads, inner routes and alleys are dotted with potholes. There has been no advance towards upgrading the existing infrastructure. The street lights are non-operational on various arterials. The work on various community halls and vital projects has been held up as well.  The pitiable condition of city infrastructure deflates the tall claims of incumbent governor administration as far as development is concerned,” he said.

Sagar made stopovers at various localities in Khanyar constituency and interacted with the people who apprised him about the paucity of commodities in the city. “People are hankering for sugar and other items. The administration has failed to maintain price stability in the Srinagar city. In our times we used to deploy flying squads to check the price rise and other irregularities including black marketing. The festivities of Ramazan have been dampened by the rampant scarcity of mutton and other edibles. The skyrocketing prices of essential commodities is also adding to the mounting woes of people. The people have been left to fend for themselves. There is no accountability on the ground. The laid back attitude of the incumbent administration has aggravated the people who don’t know where to turn to for help. If this is the condition in the capital city of Srinagar, one can better gauge what the people living in other areas must be going through,” he said.

Sagar while censuring the administration for its antipathy for Srinagar said, “I have doled out funds for the up gradation and beautification of Ghats, street lights in my constituency from my Constituency development fund. Due to the model code of conduct in place the funds could not be utilized, however, I hope that the concerned agencies ensure that the funds are utilized now in a stipulated period of time.”

Sagar made stopovers at various localities of the Khanyar constituency including Kulipura, Nowpura and had interaction with the local residents. He issued necessary instructions to the officials of various concerned agencies on the speedy mitigation of the issues faced by the local people.


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