PM Modi aware that Autonomy has no takers in Jammu & Kashmir: Rasheed


Sitting Langate lawmaker Er Rasheed has termed Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah’s remarks about the “Autonomy of Jammu and Kashmir” as “unfortunate”.

In a statement issued here on Monday afternoon, Rasheed said that Prime Minister’s response to P Chidambaram shows that Congress and BJP are just using Kashmir issue for their vote bank politics and are least bothered about resolving the 70 year long dispute.

“When Prime Minister said that resolution lies in embracing Kashmiris, a certain section in Kashmir had started believing that Modi has some out of box solution to offer but now even rejecting the idea of Autonomy is disappointing and disturbing for all those who were expecting BJP to chose a different line than congress.”

Narendra Modi during a rally in Jammu (File Image)

Though Kashmiris, he said, are least interested in what P Chidambaram has said, PM Modi is aware of the fact that restoration of Autonomy has no takers in Jammu & Kashmir, but labelling those seeking Autonomy as anti-nationals is very unfortunate.

“The way BJP leadership including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, Arun Jaitly, Smriti Irani and others made much hue and cry over Autonomy, the task for interlocutor has become more difficult.

Rasheed said that it is painful that congress and BJP are just exposing their non-seriousness and when Prime Minister makes much hue and cry over Autonomy demand, the hardcore elements within Kashmir have a logic and a reason to call talks a futile exercise, as such it is mandatory for the Prime Minister to give a second thought to all that what he should realize that the question is much bigger than vote bank politics.


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