PM speech at UN disappointing and confusing: Er Rashid


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Terming the speech of Indian Prime Minister at UN General Assembly as confusing and unfortunate, President Awami Ittihaad Party (AIP) and MLA Langate Sunday said that it was astonishing that Prime Minister of India during his speech first talked of resolving all disputes with Pakistan including that of Jammu and Kashmir but in the same breath and in the same speech he claimed that J&K is India’s integral part and the borders cannot be changed.

Addressing a public meeting at Lariganapora, Rashid said that, “By making contradictory and unrealistic speech Manmohan Singh has not only mislead the world community but has shown the true face of India’s duplicity to the whole world. He has every right to argue for India’s stand over J&K dispute but even worst enemies of Kashmiris would take pity on

Indian leaders when they claim J&K India’s integral part and at the same time promise of resolving J&K dispute.

“If India believes J&K to be its integral part then it needs neither to cry in the streets of New York that J&K is its integral part nor should then mislead its own people and world community that it will resolve the dispute with Pakistan amicably. If India doesn’t show an iota of sincerity towards the commitments and promises made with Kashmiri people at the United Nations, then India does not have any moral right to seek permanent membership in UN security council.” He said.

Rashid said that Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has a right to ask Pakistan to help in combating infiltration bids and attacks on Indian soldiers but at the same time, he must explain that without doing justice with Kashmiris it is difficult for Pakistan to play its role in helping for the same.

“Pakistanis are themselves facing much more tough situation as terrorism has marred this country. But if India shows some sincerity and maturity to resolve Kashmir dispute, Pakistani government  may then have a moral right to use its good offices to persuade Jihaadi elements for a peaceful resolution of the conflicts,” he said.

“Let us remind Prime Minister Manmohan Singh that Kashmiris do never enjoy deaths of Indian soldiers at their soil as they themselves are the worst sufferers of the dispute but at the same time let Indians introspect their policy visa-vis Kashmir and must understand that it is the biased, arrogant and hostile attitude of New Delhi that facilitates the acts of all those state and none state actors who are indulged in violent activities.

“Let political leadership of India come out of confusion and chaos and accept the historic facts without distorting them and fulfill its commitment made with the Kashmiri people, otherwise it will be the state of India that will more responsible than any other force for the miseries of people of India and Kashmir what so ever they face on all the fronts.”


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