Police Leveling False Allegations On Syed Salahudin : HM

KL Report


Militant outfit, Hizbul Mujhadeen Friday lambasted Jammu and Kashmir Police for raising a finger over Syed Salahudin over Sarpanch attacks in Valley. In a statement to CNS, HM spokesperson Saleem Hashmi said that the ‘black sheep’ present in Kashmir Police forget that Syed Salahudin is such a spiritual leader and militant commander who follows the Quran and Sunnah and people of Kashmir are fully aware of this fact.

The statement reads that Kashmir police has leveled false allegations against the spiritual leader while the fact is that Syed Salahudin time and again said that Indian agencies could use the Sarpanchas and Panchas for their personal interests.

Syed Salahudin had said that he has apprehensions that these Sarpanchas and Panchas would be made scapegoats and even Indian Intelligence agencies after killing them would put a blame of the militants.

“HM feels that like Village representatives, attempts are being made by Indian Intelligence Agencies to exploit policemen as well and that’s why they are being pushed on forefront,” the statement reads adding that Kashmir freedom struggle has entered into an important phase and soon a revolutionary situation would emerge.

The statement reads that all the anti-freedom elements would have to answer to people the day when the dawn of freedom would come into view. “It is better for Kashmir Police to think beforehand about the repercussions and mend their ways,” the statement reads.


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