Police man attacked with knife in Pampore, accused arrested: Police

KL Report


One police man was stabbed by an unidentified youth who was later arrested in Pampore, Police said.

Police spokesman told Kashmir Life that police man was stabbed and he was critically injured. He added that seeing their colleague under attack, the policemen nearby overpowered and arrested the attacker.

However, he did not reveal the identity of the arrested person.

Police spokesman further said that there was no firing.

Sources told Kashmir Life that somebody attacked a SOG man with knife. They added that when the SOG man was being evacuated his throat was badly bleeding.


  1. how much lie this police version is,i was present there on the way to srinagar,when atleast 2 to 3 policeman came & begin to shot ariel firing.why these bullshits police
    officers are puppets of india,that with out any
    hesitation they told,there was no firing,they atleast shoot 15 to 20 rounds.shame for u puppets.


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