Chaos in LA on Dr Farooq’s “Maha Chore” statement

KL Report


The principal opposition party PDP on Monday shouted slogans in the assembly and demanded an apology from Dr Farooq  Abdullah for what it called “anti-Kashmiri” statement.

“Kashmiri chor nahi, mahachor hain” (Kashmiris are not just thieves but the biggest thieves), said Farooq, NC President an New and Renewable Energy Union Minister on Sunday.

Abdullah reportedly made the controversial remarks in New Delhi on Sunday, while commenting on the poor state of energy in Jammu and Kashmir.

Ali Mohammad Sagar defended Abdullah saying he never meant to deride all Kashmiris. “He only meant the lower staff is instrumental in power theft,” Sagar said in the house, but failed to silence the PDP-led opposition.

“He has insulted all the people of Kashmir. He must apologise,” said PDP leader Mehbooba Mufti.


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